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no hurries, no worries

xmas girl cousins

Girl cousins pic, 2010

Girl cousins pic, 2010

tell me what you think bout this!

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Published on December 22, 2011 at 428 × 352 in 222: Single for the Holidays – and Grateful for it



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Planning on starting a photo series in front of every Mexican restaurant in the YAY area wearing this gem and a "surrender the guac" expression. Does everyone else still have to do this every time? That marketing was effective. I just imagine wee ducklings and turtles and I must cut all the circles. It starts! Bachelorette bingo. #bachelorettebingo Say what you will about Pokemon go, it is making me go out and explore things I've typically just walked by. It's a wild life out here. "Hooman? Can we go to bed now?"

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