knitting is for morons, anyway.
knitting is for morons, anyway.

I had a pretty successful run at my “things to do before I turn thirty” bucket list (we’re not counting the knitting disaster). My biggest achievements from that list were traveling to Ireland and Spain, which I had honestly thought I would not do. I’m also excited about some of the stats that were achieved – miles I ran, yelp reviews, blog followers, etc.

Some things didn’t quite happen for me on that list, and that’s okay. We always try again tomorrow. So I’m going to carry over a few of those items (the first five listed here), and add some more here, to my thirtyfivex35 list.

1. Complete this list.

2. Publish a book. Just an ebook. I just really want to do it.

3. Sing at an open mic night.

4. Visit Alcatraz.

5. Read 150 books

6. Visit five new countries. Goals: Brazil, Argentina, Antarctica, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, Cuba, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay.

img_17747. Take a picture with a penguin. (Planning some Patagonia adventures after my move!)

8. Go to the Amazon.

9. Become at least conversationally fluent in Portuguese. (Brazil!)

10. Write the girl I sponsor through Compassion International at least once a month. (April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb March April)

11. Try every single one of these 22 foods before I ever leave Brazil.

12. Visit Iguazu Falls. October 2016!

13. Buy the person behind me a coffee.

14. Completely “unplug” for three days. No phone, no internet, no email, no iPad. I will allow my fancy camera and my iPod. But mostly just to disconnect from the internet and what I worry is a reliance on it. (Big Sur, Ihla Grande, Amazon, Patagonia)

15. Read all the Jane Austen books. (started this on the last list. So far: Persuasion, Emma, Northanger Abbey)

16. Visit the Grand Canyon.

17. Lose 40 pounds. (5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40)

18. Keep a plant alive for a year. It’s practice for a fish. And then an animal. And then maybe a child one day.

19. Meet someone famous. This was actually the third time meeting Kerri Walsh Jennings (and April Ross, not pictured) but I chose this photo because it was after watching them play in the Olympics! It was actually the last game they won in the Olympics, so I think it was super special. :)

Kerri is a G.

20. Run a half-marathon.

21. See a sunrise on my birthday.

22. Take a cooking or dance class.

23. Blog everyday for a month.

24. Travel alone again(Chile, Colombia, Argentina)

25. Write 1000 blogs.

26. See 15 concerts/live music performances. (Justin McRoberts, Samba at Lapa40, Backstreet Boys in Rio, Falamansa, Gen and the Hellcats, LiveAlive)

27. Have 1000 followers on this blog.

28. Go on a horseback ride and not cry. So. A semi-secret. I’m terrified of horses.

29. Attend a multi-day/weekend music fest.

30. Run a race in Rio. Finished the Rio Antiguo 5k Race on May 10, 2015 in 31:46. Somewhere to start!!

31. Visit Asia.

32. Complete a Sober Yoga January.

33. Read the Bible all the way through again. (about 39% done Nov 2016)

34. Go on a blind date.

35. Write a letter to myself on my 32nd, 33rd, and 34th birthdays, to only open on my 35th birthday. Oops. I’m behind on this.