Gringa Diaries: Balling in BA

After turning Ry’s brain to mush through a carefully calculated package plan of sun, drinks, sand, and a diet consisting solely of meat/cheese/starch, and no hurries, no worries here in Rio, we boarded a plane to Buenos Aires. Fun fact – the government has a fixed exchange rate for dollars to pesos, BUT the people…

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the most important things i said all year

disclaimer: I often pretend to not know what words mean, like “portion control” or “inside voice” so these might not sound important but they are important. Jan 8 – Scientific question: Has anyone, ever, in the history of time, finished an entire bottle of nail polish? I just don’t think it can be done. Jan 16…

2014 – the ones i would answer

1: Describe your year in one word – hella 2: Describe your year in three words – moving challenging surprising 3: Describe your year in one sentence – is this the real life? 4: Describe your year with song lyrics – is this just fantasy? 6: Best memories from 2014? – every time i’ve been on a beach in Brazil…


RinR: hollydaze

In some ways, it doesn’t feel anything like Christmas. It’s certainly not cold. I’m sitting on an ice pack, drinking a sweating margarita, directly in front of a fan on a setting so high my eyelids feel like they’re peeling off my skull. I haven’t seen or smelled a single Christmasy smell (I’d settle for a tiny pine tree swinging from a rear view mirror).